Monday, February 10, 2014

What a Waste!

We had our appointment this morning down at UC Davis. After arranging the other kids the night before, we got up early and drove down there. Our appointment was at 10:00 am but we arrived early to get our paperwork done and what not.

Basically what our appointment boiled down to was sitting down to meet the doctor and for him to tell us they can't do anything until they receive Gabe's records. However, our doctor's office told us a week and a half ago that Gabe's records have been sent down)

Can you say the word Frustration?!?

Basically we are waiting for a call back from the doctor once he receives the records (which could be anywhere from now until the end of next week) and set up another appointment date.

We are taking the afternoon to spend sometime together down here in sac. Oh, how we are praying to get the ball rolling and for this to all be over soon!!

The McNeilly Family


  1. Years ago I had a situation that could not be resolved in this area. After visiting U.C. Davis, my previously no hope situation was resolved in 1 visit. Amazing doctors there. Gabriel is in great hands. God has a plan for him. Just have faith you will see. Have Faith. Mr. Weldon

  2. It is soooo hard to wait! I guess that is why God reminds us so often to "wait on Him". Prayers for all of your family as you wait! May He give you a peace that passes understanding! In His grip & grateful!!! Linda Culton