Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today we had our Pre-Op with Dr.Raff and Dr.Yeh at UC Davis. They were both very amazing doctors who gave us much more information than we have known all along. God has definitely placed us in the right hands.. Gabe had an EKG, labs done and a chest X-Ray today. He has been such a trooper! We arrive at 6:30 tomorrow morning for a scheduled biopsy surgery. They will be making three incisions on his right side to biopsy his swollen lymph nodes and a part of his lungs. He will have have a drainage tube inserted to remain for a few days. After the surgery, we wait for results which can take anywhere from 3-4 hours to 3-4 days. The doctor is very confident that we will receive results through this biopsy. We are so comforted by the amount of people we know who are thinking and praying for us. We will keep everyone updated once we find out more tomorrow. Thank you all so much!

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