Monday, February 3, 2014

One Step in the Right Direction

We received a voice mail on Friday from UC Davis. They said they were going to schedule an appointment on February 18th to go see a cardiologist. 

(Yes, a cardiologist for a very enlarged lymph node near the lungs?)

 John and I were very confused on why we were going to see a cardiologist. We called the doctor here in Paradise to see if we heard this correctly before we called them back. Basically it was a roller coaster of phone calls back and forth between doctor's offices and us.

 They realized that he should be going to see a cardiothoracic surgeon (Could you imagine if we waited 3 weeks to see a heart doctor ?!?) We are so relieved to know that we are now headed in the right direction...thank you Lord! Gabe has an appointment on Monday, February 10th with Dr. Raff down at UC Davis. 

We feel like there is some light now.  Thank you for all the love and support. 

The McNeilly Family

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